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CQF20 Concrete Groove Cutter Electric

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57,820.00 Including GST

Model : CQF16

Concrete Groove Cutter offered provides for optimum functional support and finds application in cutting areas like pavements or for excavating of trenches. These Hi-tech cutter credited for their better smooth performance and longer durability. This machine is ideal equipment for cutting the hard concrete for expansion joints, dummy joints (shrinkage control joints), asphalt pavement cut. Light in weight makes it easy for one operator to handle easily. It gives accurate required depth cut as a controlled mechanism is fitted in the machine.

Blade Size 12-20 in
Cutting Depth 160 mm
Engine Type Honda / Greaves / Electric Motor
Power / hp 5/9 hp
Water Tank 35 Ltr
Depth Adjustment Handle Rotation
Wieght 95 Kg

Features :

  • Suitable for wet or dry cutting of concrete floors
  • Also suitable for asphalt floors
  • Easy mobility and lightweight
  • Straight line cutting indicator arrow
  • Handle Rotation for adjusting the depth of cutting
  • Removable blade guard

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